As a first time buyer, home purchasing can be a very daunting experience. It seems there are no shortage of realtors to choose from. I, probably like everyone else, has at least a relative who is one, a friend who is one, and other acquaintances who are also one part time! But a friend of mine, who always knows the best people and places, highly recommended Michael Hu. He was her realtor and he’s such an awesome and good person that they became friends after their business was done.  Ok, so I had to check him out.

Here is what I experienced with having Michael as my realtor. If you don’t use Michael for some reason, then you should look for these qualities in a realtor:

  1. Works harder for you than you do

I imagined realtors just set up viewings and let you explore until you express interest to purchase. But Michael really got to know me and what my needs were, and at viewings he would scrutinize the details of the property more than I did. He’d ask questions to the seller’s realtor that I didn’t think of, and sometimes they wouldn’t know the answer and would have to get back to us.  Already I felt like I had a better realtor than the sellers did.

  1. Looks out for my best interests rather than his best sale

For the homes that we got more serious about and request Strata documents, he would read through them and tell me his recommendation. One of the homes I considered had the highest list price in my budget, so he could have easily let me buy it and make the most money in the sale, but after looking through the documents he told me why we should pass on that one.

  1. Really cares and understands

Throughout the process Michael noticed I was nervous and asked me what my concerns were and addressed them to make me feel at ease. I realized that helping people is a major aspect of what he loves about his work. I can be a difficult client with the specific things I was looking for within my price range, but Michael never once lost patience with me.

  1. Is a shark when he needs to be

We found the dream home in my budget range, but the list price was still on the high side. Michael used his knowledge of the market pricing to come up with a bid price significantly lower than the listed price, so much so that I was afraid it would insult the buyer and we’d lose the deal right away, but Michael assured me that it is was a fair starting point. Sure enough, the seller’s counter offer dropped significantly to meet me closer to my bid price. I thought that was already a good deal, but Michael said “no, we can do better” and so we counter bid again and the seller accepted. I ended up getting my ideal home at a much lower price than I could imagine, thanks to Michael.

All realtors buy and sell homes, but Michael’s service is really custom made and one of a kind. Buying or selling, you’d want Michael Hu to be on your side of the sale!

– V Wong

I got to know Michael by chance. He is both professional and warm-hearted. I learned a lot about local market and community from him, and I enjoyed every meeting with him.

With patience and strong sense of responsibility, he helped me identify my needs and look for the right options. After 3 months, I got my dream house in Steveston North. Now, we become good friends and are still in touch. He responds to all kinds of questions of mine and share useful information of the community. I can never expect more from a realtor.

– Justin Liao